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Business Oregon- Frequently Asked Question

Start at Business Oregon to begin the jorney to begin and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Calls impersonating Business Oregon

Business Oregon has been receiving complaints from Oregon businesses that they are being contacted by callers representing to be from the state's business development office, with the caller asking for details on business size, future plans, revenues, etc.

These calls are not coming from Business Oregon, nor any other of Oregon's state agencies.

Answer/More Information 

How do I start a business in Oregon?

You will need to consult several places to get needed services and forms. 

Step 1  Research and Planning

Your first step in starting a business in Oregon begins with a business plan, research and preparation. If you would like to have personal assistance with this step, contact the closest Small Business Development Center. They can help navigate the registration process, create a business plan, explore financing options and assist with a breadth of other tasks related to starting your business. 

Step 2  Setup

Business registration, business tax numbers, insurance, permits & licensing, hiring and employer obligations. Find information, checklists and forms for every step at the Business Portal. 

Step 3  Find Financing

If your business needs financing, Business Oregon may have a program that can assist. Visit our Financing Resources page. 

Do you have grants available for my business?

Most of the services we offer related to access to capital are loan or loan guarantee programs to small businesses.

You can find more information about our loan and loan guarantee programs on our Finance Programs page. We do have Export Promotion grants of up to $5,000 available to qualified businesses that we can work with to export goods. 

Where can I find information on what businesses received incentives from your agency?

We have some records related to users of financial programs posted on our site.
We are a transparent organization to the extent allowed by law. We have some records related to users of financial programs, or you can make a specific request for information.

What kind of license do I need for my business?

The Secretary of State maintains a database of licenses and licensing agencies.
The Oregon License Directory is the official State of Oregon website that provides a single information source for Oregon licenses, certifications, permits, and registrations (all referred to as licenses). Information on all known state licenses is available on this site, as well as links to license holder lookups (when available) and federal license summary information with links.

Business Oregon, the state's lead economic development agency, works to create, retain, expand and attract businesses that provide sustainable, living-wage jobs for Oregonians through public-private partnerships, leveraged funding, and support of economic opportunities for Oregon companies and entrepreneurs.
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