Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Torrefied Biomass– Biofuel to Replace Coal, HM3 Energy

 US Senator Ron Wyden and HM3 Energy CEO Hiroshi Morihara
On Oct 18th, 2016 HM3 Energy opened their demonstration facility in Troutdale to showcase the $4 million expansion/relocation from its former pilot plant at Mt Hood Community College campus. The technology will allow coal-powered power plants to run by replacing coal with renewable biomass that has been put through a process called torrefaction. Pound per pound the product produces the same amount of energy as coal, is greenhouse gas neutral, releases no mercury or sulfur emissions and could create more than 1200 direct family wage jobs in Oregon alone!
Organic raw material
HM3 Energy’s proprietary torrefaction and densification technologies turn woody biomass and agricultural residue into solid biofuel for use in biomass boilers or as a substitute for coal in coal-fired boilers. Our TorrB® torrefied biomass briquettes are water-resistant and can be shipped without cover and stored without cover, with significant transportation and handling savings. Their water resistance and grindability make them a clean fuel alternative to coal in coal-fired power plants. 
HM3 Energy’s half-ton/hour torrefied biomass demonstration facility in Oregon was completed this summer. We have since demonstrated our process using juniper wood waste. 
CEO Hirosho Morihara with final product 
HM3 Energy’s torrefied biomass offers considerable environmental and economic benefits:
  • Pound for pound, same energy as western coal and 30% more energy than raw wood pellets
  • Greenhouse gas neutral, with no mercury or sulfur emissions and a 30% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions
  • Improvement of forest health, while dramatically reducing the growing risk of catastrophic forest fires. Our process can use low commercial value forest waste as feedstock (not clean wood chips or wood pellets), providing a market for public and private foresters who want to reduce fuel stocked stands by thinning.
  • Improvement of air quality in forest and farming areas, when forest slash or agricultural slash piles are used as feedstock for fuel rather than burned in place.
  • Creation of 1200 direct family wage jobs in Oregon alone, with thousands of additional jobs possible in other states
  • Protection of ratepayers from rate increases related to construction of new power plants
  • Waste to energy technology
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