Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Portland's Disappearing Affordable Bungalow

AP Photo/Don Ryan
Will expanding the urban growth boundary solve Portland's housing shortage? Do you know a developer who will build affordable housing without any financial reward?

“Nobody is going to build affordable housing out the goodness of their heart. They have never done it and they never will.”

Officials last year voted not to expand the region’s urban growth boundary. Combined with a hot housing market, homebuyers are being forced to adjust expectations.
According to McCurdy...
Almost half of Portland—45 percent—is zoned exclusively for single-family dwellings, she says, while only 10 percent is zoned for multi-family dwellings. It’s a stale reflection of the post-World War II world in which Portland’s zoning rules were drawn up.
“In the 1950s, two-thirds of our households were families. Today, two-thirds of our households [consist of] one and two people,” McCurdy says. “We’re aging and getting younger at both ends; we come from different backgrounds and cultures. We need to catch up our zoning with our families today and for the future.”

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